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About us

to conquer, rise to victory.
Residing in Melbourne, and on the journey to conquer the world.

It all began in warm autumn/Spring of 2018. 

The idea behind our concept is Japanese Irezumi, and Japanese art. From predominantly Japanese tattoo designs, such as the Koi Fish, Foo Dog, Hannya Mask, Oni, etc. Our designs will be wrapped around those concepts & many more.

Catered towards those who are looking to be far from mediocrity, from the streets to the gym, sheets and for the whole team. We back the people who strive to conquer, and lead the way to victory.

Upcoming is Vincere Season 2, where we have created many graphic hoodies, shirts & tank tops revolving around those designs. They are yet to be announced as we are finalising everything.

Vincent Ton Director 
Ysmir's Beard Artist
Henry Ton Mascot

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